Owl Rescue

Hello there fellow bloggers and crafters. To all the mamas out there, how do you find time to do it all? My Mat leave is over and I have decided to work evenings and weekends for the time being. I’m having difficulty leaving my child in the care of strangers on a full time basis. This way, baby girl can be with her daddy and we save the costs of childcare. Sounds good in theory, right ? Well, being a full time mama all day and working all night doesn’t leave me with much time. I’m currently spending all of my spare time planning an owl themed birthday party for my little sweetie. It’s to the point that I’m letting housework slide and I’m seeing owls in my dreams. We are in the process of acquiring a real, live owl for the party! Yup, our local wildlife rescue centre has an over abundance of owls this winter and they should be able to accommodate our request. As long as there is a cash donation of course 😉 Hope for Wildlife does wonderful work! I’m so excited to have a real owl at the party. Sophia just loves owls and owl was one of her very first words!


If you are interested in helping out the owls and other wildlife in our area please follow the link below to make a donation.



Validation of an INTJ


Saw this photo on my Facebook feed this morning. Based on the results of my Myers Briggs test, this is a regularly occurring sentiment of mine. I am pleased to have my feelings towards other people validated.

Concession of a crafty Canadian

After spending several hours meticulously designing, tracing, and cutting the individual pieces of Sophia’s owl invitations, I’m ready to admit that a circut machine may heave saved me a tremendous amount of time. Thankfully, I was able to recruit the help of my DH, my brother, and my crafty MIL. Without their help, surely I would still be trimming and gluing away into the wee hours of the morning. It’s crunch time, which means that I must ease up on my quest for perfection. So, here they are, 25 darling little owl invitations. All handcrafted with love for my darling daughter.



Owl Invitations

So, here is the first look at my cute little owl invitations for Sophia’s 1st birthday party. I must say they are a lot of work. I drew the body, wings, nose, and the layer behind the eyes. Each piece was cut by hand. I don’t own a cricut machine or anything like that. I find that I can be more creative when I do it all by hand. Sure it takes a lot longer to do a project but, it certainly avoids that cookie cutter look. I am able to give it my own special touch. I used a punch for the circles of the eyes. The eyes are flat backed rhinestone gems and rhinestone brads that I purchased on eBay. I love the paper I used ( the blossom song stack from DCWV, and TC Cottage Garden, by K&Company). I’m a sucker for pretty paper. Especially floral patterned and glittery paper. Alright, time to go tend to my daughter. She is at my knee, looking for attention. She melts my heart when she looks at me and says “Mama! Mama!”, then tightly through s her arms around me. It’s the best feeling!


Wise little owl

So, my wise little owl is soon turning one! We are so grateful for the amount of joy that this precious little girl has brought into our lives. We have a big celebration planned for her on her special day. I am looking forward to sharing my DIY projects for the party. We decided that an owl theme would be perfect for our little darling. She seems to really like owls, and owls are associated with being wise. This is perfect since the definition of her name,Sophia, is wise!