My Urban Homestead

Where are we going? Down a new path! The system would have us all believe that we should choose a single skill to practice and excel at for our entire life. We are all expected to participate in the rat race of life. Consuming and competing with each other in hopes of coming out on top and being happy. The thought of maintaining the same boring job for the remainder if my life is incomprehensible. Why should I accept that fate? I see so many people struggling through life. Over medicated with antidepressants and stimulants. I am choosing to not be a slave to the money! I choose to be happy everyday. Why wait for the golden years of retirement? From what I have seen, the golden years aren’t so golden after all. I am looking down the path that leads back to a simpler way of life. My eyes have recently been introduced to homesteading. There is an alternative way of living, where it isn’t necessary to slave away your life at some meaningless job. To be mortgage free, debt free, and self sufficient sounds like a dream. It is attainable through sacrifice and hard work. What is the point if senselessly struggling to pay of debt and regain a decent credit score in hopes of qualify for a mortgage in order spend the next thirty years paying for that enormous debt? Is a large house full of extravagant finishes necessary? I can see myself and my family having a happier life by choosing a simpler lifestyle. Quality of life is important to me. Material possessions won’t make me happier. Of course I can appreciate the beauty and quality craftsmanship of material things. But they are trivial and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. As I begin this new journey down the path to homesteading I will need to acquire some new skills. Skills of my ancestors such as growing, preparing, and preserving my own food. Living off my own land and being at one with nature. I am also looking forward to learning how to make natural cosmetics and pottery. I have always admired people who lived self sufficient lives. For now I will be choosing to practice my urban homesteading skills. I am experimenting with new crops for my deck garden. My husband and I planted everything from seed this year. This is the first growing season that I didn’t visit a local greenhouse to purchase transplants. We didn’t leave room for the pretty annuals that I usually surround the deck with. We have a modest size deck with a modest amount of containers for gardening in. New to me crops include leeks, onions, garlic, strawberries, lettuce and peas. We have had a very wet spring and my little seedlings have taken a beating. Oh well, survival of the fittest, right?






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