Detrimental reinforcement of shallow values


I am beginning to come to the realization that I suffer from fear and anxiety. My fear and anxiety cause me to be controlling, and when I can’t control something I tend to feel frustrated and angry. I need to learn how to let go of the things that I are out of my control. I need to be cognizant of what I can and cannot control.

One of society’s conquests should be to eradicate the trivial existence of phoney, superficial, shallow, materialistic people. I find these people to be incredibly irritating. Unfortunately, i cannot control them therefore; I must find a way to deal with them. How do I accept these object seeking people who adorn themselves in the latest and greatest? Their constant need to portray themselves falsely, living above their means, sinking farther into debt. To what avail? Their newly acquired material possessions aren’t making them happy, are they? The joyful feelings that they experience while purchasing these items is fleeting at best. Perhaps they desire to be envied by their peers. Or maybe they just want to fit in and be accepted by others. Are they simply weak minded, unable to withstand the constant media pressure to consume. Did childhood play a role in their materialistic values? Feelings of inadequacy from growing up poor and wanting to be accepted my a wealthier socioeconomic class. What about parents who value image, and possessions above intelligence. Detrimental reinforcement of these shallow values by parents, instead of nurturing a child’s intellect is often the cause. For instance, a child with a mild learning disability may have been encouraged to value their appearance over their intelligence simply because they required extra help with their studies. Were these parents unwilling or unable to support their child’s cognitive development? They themselves were probably victim to their own parents’ poor value system. The cycle needs to be broken. So, what can I do to change these people?

I have concluded after much rumination that, simply put, I can encourage them to use their brains. Praise them when they have a good idea, or make a good decision. I worry about these damaged divas influencing my darling daughter but, maybe I can influence them too. Their parents may have failed them but, that doesn’t mean that I have to fail them too. Sure, its much easier to judge and dismiss them but, what if I praised and encouraged them, helped them to discover their ability to think outside of the box, to perceive themselves as smart and beautiful. Teach them to be proud of their ability to think for themselves, instead of following the masses. Knowledge is power, embrace it and be free! Money and possessions will not bring you happiness when all of your shallow soulless friends abandon you and your marriage is failing and your children are turning into spoiled, disrespectful brats. Life is about creating yourself and embracing your imperfections, not copycatting every other blonde bimbo on the planet. I am ever thankful that my parents encouraged me to have both beauty and brains. I too will encourage my daughter to develop her inner and outer beauty. She is already demonstrating high levels of both 😉


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