Unsolicited Advice

People seem to have an uncontrollable urge to offer unsolicited advice, partenting advice in particular. They are probably trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, unsolicited patenting advice usually upsets me. If I’m asking for advice, I’m grateful to receive it. Tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with my child and we’ve got a problem. I am my child’s primary care giver. I think that makes me an expert in what works best for my child. These people need to consider that their helpful advice might be unwanted, unnecessary, unwarranted, shall I go on. What worked for little Jimmy 30 years ago, might not work for little Jenny now in present day. Times have changed people. Why are people so resistant to change? We need to adapt and evolve if we want to survive. We need to be open to new ideas and better ways of doing things. Especially when there is scientific proof to back up new ways of doing things.
On another note, why must my daughter be compared to all of her relatives? She likes color X so, she is just like so and so. Or, she dances to music just like Great Aunt Martha; therefore she is just like Martha. Heaven forbid that she take after her mother, or herself for that matter. I don’t want her to develop some kind of complex that makes her think that she is like all of her crazy relatives. I hope that she will be true to herself, a beautiful, and intelligent individual, who will thrive on being different from the rest of the selfish, shallow, and materialistic plastic mean girls of the world. I want to teach her to question everything. Don’t take anything at face value. Question all of those beauty marketing schemes directed at the masses. You can be intelligent and beautiful and respect your body. Sex sells, it works well. Giant corporations have proven this with zillions of dollars that they are earning. But why do that to yourself? What image do you want to portray? Who’s respect do you value? We need to teach our daughters to respect their body, no matter the shape or size. Teach them to have good character and to be kind and considerate. We can’t control our girls or tell them not to be a certain way. This only causes rebellion. We can teach them to make informed and educated decisions. We can set good examples for them and make our own wise decisions. I have dreams and aspirations for my daughter. One day I hope that she will share some of these hopes and aspirations with me. My daughter shows great promise. She is wise beyond her time. She is advanced for her age. I feel that if I continue to love, teach and support her she will grow up to be a truly lovely person. Not some skanky bimbo with over tanned skin, over processed hair, caked on make up, covered in piercings and tattoos, crying out for attention in all the wrong ways. No education, poor body image and depression. Are these signs of parenting gone wrong? In my opinion, absolutely ! I’m not saying that I will be the perfect mother and raise the perfect daughter. I am saying that when you bring a child into this world it is your responsibility and should be a priority, to do your damnedest to make sure that you are doing your best to raise your child to be a decent person.


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